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Estate Planning Attorney near Wellington, FL

Looking for a Estate Planning Attorney in Wellington or Royal Palm Beach or Palm Beach Gardens, FL?


Planning for the end of your life is never easy. Nobody wants to think about when they will pass, but without proper estate planning, your loved ones will be left to pick up the pieces of your estate while trying to mourn your passing.

Save your family the headache and hassle of going through probate court by ensuring your estate planning documents meet Florida’s requirements. The Law Offices of Linda S. Braswell, P.A. can handle all the aspects of your estate planning with the knowledge and expertise you’d expect from an estate planning attorney who’s been helping those living in the Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach, FL areas for more than two decades.

A Last Will and Testament is a document that directs the distribution of your assets and payment of your debts after your death, in a manner you choose. A fully executed self-proving Will help your family direct the court in the distribution of your assets and payment of debts. Because state laws are constantly changing, you need to ensure your estate planning documents are handled properly by a qualified wills and trusts attorney. A properly drafted will assigns a personal representative to carry out the provisions of that will.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Palm Beach and Miami

Whether you have a simple will or a complicated binder of documents, the Law Offices of Linda S. Braswell, P.A. has the experience you need to ensure your wishes are properly carried out after your death.

In addition to drafting a new estate plan or modifying an existing one, Linda S. Braswell, Esq. can create a variety of legal trusts including an Inter vivos trust, also called a revocable living trust, which may possibly avoid probate for the property you own. Revocable living trusts acts like a Will and name beneficiaries who will receive your estate at your time of death. You can change your revocable living trust at any time or just like the name suggests, revoke the document altogether. The benefit of a living trust comes at the time of your death when the person you named in your Trust (trustee) assumes the duties to distribute your property without the need of probate court.


Because of our estate planning experience, an attorney will inform you of all options and can help you decipher the complexities of a variety of Trusts and other estate planning legal processes, including:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Last Will and Testament with testamentary Trust for minor children
  • Inter vivos Trusts / revocableTrusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Health care directives / Living Wills
  • Real estate Trusts
  • Pet Trusts
  • Pour-Over Will

Ensure your family and friends are protected against any probate process and your assets are properly distributed after your passing. Call the Law Offices of Linda S. Braswell, P.A. at 561-792-8551 for Palm Beach County and 305-383-3298 for Miami-Dade County. When you work with a qualified estate planning attorney, you can rest easy knowing your end of life directives are handled exactly how you wish.