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Family Law Lawyer near Wellington, FL

Don’t Enter the Family Law Court System Alone

Linda S. Braswell practice divorce, paternity and child custody issues in Wellington, Royal Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When our family law attorney first began in the legal profession, she quickly learned helping families with divorce, adoption or other family law issues was where she wanted to be. With more than 30 years of experience, Linda S. Braswell, P.A. has been the choice divorce lawyer in the Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade areas of Florida.

Family law pertains to all of the rules and regulations that revolve around marriage, divorce and children. Florida is a No Fault state, either spouse may file for a divorce if the marriage is beyond repair.

There are two types of divorce: simplified dissolution of marriage and contested dissolution of marriage. Simplified dissolution of marriage is considered the easiest and may be completed without an attorney’s assistance when there are no minor children of the marriage, the wife is not pregnant at the time of filing, when financial affidavits and a property settlement agreement are completed, and both spouses will need to attend a final hearing.

Contested dissolution of marriage (non-simplified) can be either contested or uncontested, and both parties should be represented by a qualified lawyer to inform you of your legal rights under Florida law before entering into any agreement resolving your issues. If an agreement can be made, this would result in an uncontested divorce, where both parties have amicably resolved marital issues without a Judge’s intervention. In a contested divorce, where an agreement can’t be made, a judge will make all final decisions in regards to your children’s care, asset divisions, and other marital issues. In these instances, having representation from a qualified family lawyer is highly recommended.

While you aren’t required in Florida to have an attorney present during your proceeding, having the law offices of Linda S. Braswell, P.A. in your corner can save you headaches later. A qualified divorce attorney will ensure all of your paperwork is properly completed and will represent you throughout the proceeding and in any other family law proceedings including; equitable the distribution of assets and children’s time-sharing and financial support issues.

Because family laws differ from state to state, trying to properly distribute marital assets or filing for child support can be overwhelming. Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning any assets accrued during the marriage are distributed fairly unless there are outstanding prohibitive factors such as duration of marriage and contributions to the household and marital property. 

In the event that our attorney is working with both spouses, Ms. Braswell, a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator can work with the parties to find the best solution for them.

Before you file for divorce in the Florida legal system, call Linda S. Braswell, P.A. at 561-792-8551 for a free initial phone conversation.

In most family law cases (divorces and paternity) involving children, the parents are very concerned with their custody rights. Florida law provides for shared responsibility between the parents, unless there are circumstances that would make shared parental responsibility either detrimental to the children, or impossible to be performed by the parents.

Time Sharing: Both parties should be able to have frequent and regular access to their children to continue their loving and nurturing relationships with the children as they go forward with their separate lives.