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Family & Estate Planning 

● Trusts ● Living Wills ● Powers of Attorney ● Health Care Directives ● Last Wills & Testaments ● Divorce ● Property Division ● Paternity ● Adoption ● Domestic Violence ● Child Support ● Parenting Issues ● Post Divorce Issues ● Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator ● Premarital & Cohabitation Agreements

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Family law and estate planning attorney in wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, FL

With more than two decades of experience, Linda S. Braswell, P.A. is your best choice in litigation matters in the Wellington & Palm Beach Gardens, FL area. Focusing on family law, probate law and estate planning, our law offices have the experience you need to get through the Florida courtroom.

Linda S. Braswell Esq. is a knowledgeable family law attorney that will explain the entire legal process in your court case, so you know exactly what to expect. By informing you of all available options, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your legal issue.

For a knowledgeable, qualified family law, probate or estate planning attorney in Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County areas, call the Law Offices of Linda S. Braswell, P.A. for a free initial phone consultation.


From Divorce to Child Custody We’ll Guide you Through the Family Law Process

Focused on a variety of areas under family law, Linda S. Braswell, P.A. will help you decipher the Florida legal process. Family law pertains to more issues than just divorce and legal separation, and we focus on almost all of them, including:

• Alimony • Child Support • Child Custody • Time Sharing with Children and Parental Issues • Asset and Property Division •Parenting Plans • Prenuptial Agreements • Paternity Actions • Domestic Violence • Adoption • Cohabitation Agreements

In Florida, there are two types of divorce: simplified dissolution of marriage and regular dissolution of marriage, both of which are handled in the Circuit Court division in Florida. For both types of divorce, you must show proof of marriage, that one spouse lived in Florida for six months before filing for divorce and that the marriage is broken beyond repair.


Probate Law can be Confusing

Linda S. Braswell, P.A. can ease your worries

Unless you’ve been through the process before or you’re knowledgeable about the system, probate court can be confusing. When you’ve lost a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is the distribution of assets and determining whether you have legal grounds for a summary administration.

Formal administration, also known as probate, is the legal proceeding of distributing the probate assets of your loved one when no will is present, the will doesn’t meet Florida’s legal requirements or the document is legitimately contested. Probate is used to confirm the validity of the will and pass the probate assets, or assets that are solely in the decedent’s name, to the beneficiaries. Probate is also used to ensure all of the decedent’s financial affairs are in order.

With more than 30 years of experience, Linda S. Braswell, P.A. will ensure the property of your loved one is properly disseminated and guide you through this difficult time.


Prepare for your Future in Wellington & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Have your Will and Trust in Place

While many believe probate and estate planning are related, they are actually two very different legal issues. Very few people like the think about the end of their life, but if you plan for the distribution of your estate now, the chances that your loved ones will have to go through probate later are slim.

Estate planning attorney Linda S. Braswell, P.A. can help you formulate a new estate plan that meets the legal requirements of Florida law and properly distributes your assets without the risk of going through probate court. In addition to creating new living wills and modifying existing ones, Linda S. Braswell, P.A. can also construct a living trusts, as well as:

• Educational trusts • Inter vivos trusts • Real estate trusts • Revocable trusts • Irrevocable trusts • Pet trusts • Special need trusts• Spendthrift trusts

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